What’s New – May 11, 2018

As you saw on the front page, H.C. Blake has purchased the plaza, and is beginning a renovation on the entire property. You can look forward to a pleasant place to be by year end.

What does that mean for Kim’s Diner? We will be moving! But don’t worry – the move is simply across the parking lot 🙂 You can plan on a new and freshly remodeled diner in the next few months. The renovation for the new diner has already begun, and we expect to move sometime in the next 4 or 5 months.

What does that mean for YOU? First, we will become a place that you can bring the entire family, including kids. You’ll have an expanded menu including kid’s plates and we will be adding additions to our family of burgers. Also, being open to all ages, Kim’s will become a non-smoking diner.

There will be a few other changes along the way, and we will keep you updated here as to the progress.

We’re exciting about the new ways we will be able to serve you, and look forward to the new and exciting change.